anglophonia Translations Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne, Germany - translation of financial and legal documents – from English into German and vice versa
  • Deusch-Englische Übersetzungen

    Legal translations

    Have your documents translated by an expert because legal translations require special expertise and the correct use of legal terminology.
  • anglophonia Eilübersetzungen deutsch-englisch und englisch-deutsch

    No express delivery surcharges

    Surcharges for work on weekends or express delivery do not apply.
  • Beglaubigte Übersetzungen aus Bergisch Gladbach bei Köln

    Certified translation

    I certify the correctness and completeness of translations on request.
Iris Schlagheck-Weber - Für die Gerichte und Staatsanwaltschaften des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen durch den Präsidenten des Oberlandesgerichts Köln ermächtigte Übersetzerin für die englische Sprache

Legal and financial translations

A good translation needs to be more than just correct: it should also read well. For this reason, you should always use a trained language professional for your translation needs. I am at your service for elegant and correct translations! Precision, discretion and absolute adherence to deadlines go without saying.

I specialise in the translation of financial and legal documents – from English into German and vice versa. I can also certify the correctness and completeness of the content if so required. I am also happy to proof-read any translations you have done yourself.

As a reputable translator I don’t offer "translations into any languages on any subject", but instead specialise in the translation of legal and financial documents. A brief overview of my subject areas:

Subject areas

Contracts, e.g.:
Employment contracts
Licence agreements
ale and purchase agreements
Partnership agreements
Confidentiality agreements
Supply contracts
Joint venture agreements
Cooperation agreements
Production agreements
Agency agreements etc.
Due diligence reports
Terms and conditions of business
Commercial correspondence
Legal correspondence
Court judgments
Articles of incorporation/ company constitutions
Extracts from the register of companies
Monthly reports
Certificates (birth, marriage)
Reports/ references (school reports, employers’ references, examination reports, diplomas and degrees)

I also offer proof-reading of pre-completed translations as needed.
Fachübersetzungen für Recht, Wirtschaft, Industrie und für Unternehmen
Eilübersetzungen - schnelle Übersetzungen für Recht, Wirtschaft und Industrie

Express translation: when speed is of the essence

Sometimes speed is of the essence, for example, when a court hearing has been fixed and the documents were not completed on time. Although I cannot work miracles and my high quality standards must be strictly adhered to, I make every effort - if necessary, even on weekends – to translate your documents quickly and properly in an emergency. Upon request, I certify the correctness and completeness of your translation.

Of course, certified translations can also be delivered “just in time” by a courier for an extra charge.

Call me – I am happy to find a solution for your “emergency”: +49-2202-293673


  • What is a certified translation?

    If a court-certified translator endorses his or her translation with his stamp and affixes his or her signature below his or her own translation, he or she confirms the correctness and completeness of the content. In doing so, the translator ensures that names, dates and facts from the source documents are translated and/or taken correctly and completely. Through my certification by the Cologne Higher Regional Court, I am able to certify the correctness and completeness of your translated documents. Certified translations are recognised by all German courts.

  • Who needs a certified translation?

    Especially for longer stays outside the EU or immigration from a non-EU state to Germany, certified translations must be submitted to the authorities. Mostly these are birth certificate or marriage certificate, school reports or references, identity papers, driving licences, notices, court judgments, commercial register excerpts etc.

    Through the certification of the correctness and completeness of content, the translated document receives the same status as the source language document.

  • Does anglophonia demand express surcharges?

    Express and weekend surcharges are common in the industry, but I demand no surcharges.

  • Which file formats can be processed?

    Basically, any digital format can be processed, such as:

    Microsoft® Word® (.doc, .docx)
    Microsoft® Excel® (.xls, .xlsx)
    Microsoft® PowerPoint® (.ppt, .pptx)
    Open Office (.odf)
    Corel® Draw (.cdr)
    Adobe® Indesign (.indd)
    PDF (.pdf)

    It is advisable to send me the original file for calculation and subsequent translation. If it is a scan or the original file is no longer available, it can of course also be used.

  • How much time is required for translations?

    This may vary greatly and depends on my spare capacity. Please let me know the desired date when submitting your inquiry so I can take the latter into account.